Essay develops only one thought. The contreent of the issue can cover a wide range of issues that need to attract a large volume of literature. On the basis of the decision on how to answer the question, the author must make a plan / structure of his answer. In the introduction, you have to formulate the goal and objectives of the study, as well as give a brief definition of the concepts, used in the paper and key terms. The contreent of the main body of the essay involves the development of the author's reasoning and analysis of the problem research. Filling the contreent of narrative sections (under the appropriate hereadings) it is important to limit the consideration of this section within one main thought. In the study of humanities or economy problems there are no uniquely "rigeeht" or "wrong" answers to the questions, as it happens, for example, in physics or mathematics, but only more or less reasoned point of view.

When nominating your own position, in the spotlight is the author's ability critically and independently evaluate the range of data and viewpoints / arguments of others, the ability to understand the essence of the test problems and issues of communication between the key moments of any problems, the use of an analytical approach in their analysis, the ability to differentiate and rank (which are more or less important). Used actual and statistic data is an illustrative material, i.e. it confirms the arguments.

The final part of the essay should contain a summary of the results of research in the form of a summary of the author's arguments. Assembled actual and digital material should be systematized, that is, to bring it in tables, charts, graphs. They can be represented as an application. All driven by the digital work and factual material should be issued footnotes. Verbatim statement of read literature is impossible, because it contradicts the meaning of the essay, does not create conditions for the development of personal opinion.